Make osCommerce Mobile Friendly

How to convert osCommerce to mobile friendly responsive design. The official osCommerce releases up til version 2.3.4 does not have a mobile friendly design and with Google ranking mobile-friendly sites higher, its getting more and more important to upgrade websites that does not pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool. Here are some ways you […]

Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher

Google search on mobiles will now start to rank mobile-friendly websites higher from April 21st. Google believes you’d want to see more Google believes you’d want to see more mobile-friendly websites when you do searches on a phone or tablet. That’s why Google mobile search will start giving online destinations with mobile versions higher placements […]

Oscommerce Responsive Design

Oscommerce V2.4 will be released in the near future, it includes an improved and modernized code base, extended modularity and responsive design. For those that does can’t or won’t want to wait for osCommerce 2.4, there is available a community driven responsive version of osCommerce 2.3.4 available now as well as an extension for making […]